Hi. I’m Louise Orders.

I work with people ready to create something different for themselves.

I’m dedicated to your success. Are you?

Personal training.

Your body is designed to move.  And you need strength and mobility so that you can handle whatever comes your way.  Fit in a gym is fun; fit for life is golden. 

Achieving a level of fitness beyond just making it through the day enriches your life immeasurably.  It sets you free


Massage Therapy

Through almost two decades of practice I’ve helped my clients discover how to relax, recognize where their body aches and why, and how to relieve it. Massage connects you to your body and mind in a way that will serve you well in all aspects of your health. 


Health Coaching

Your health is the expression of your mindset and your habits. You have enormous power to shape both your well-being today and your long term health prospects. The tools are simple, powerful and transformative. What’s the life you seek?