We are what we repeatedly do.

For me: a personal endeavor to write and share daily (weekdays at least) in December.

Feel free to add comments, share an experience, or whatever.

12/1/20.  Commitment

12/2/20.  Clarity

12/3/20.  Depth

12/4/20.  Priorities.

12/5/20.  Found.

12/7/20.  Claim it.

12/8/20.  There it is again.

12/9/20.  Tinkering.

12/10/20.  Choose.

12/11/20.  Wonderful.

12/15/20.  Figuroutable.

12/16/20.  Amidst.

12/17/20.  Value.

12/18/20.  Space.

12/22/20.  Space (2).

12/23/20.  Yield.

12/24/20.  Magic.

12/25/20.  Sparkle.

12/28/20.  Availability.

12/29/20.  Play.

12/30/20.  Necessary.

12/31/20.  Commitments.


  1. Bonnie Mulieri

    Thank you for doing this. I always enjoy your writing.

  2. Ellie H Wilson

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face every morning.
    Your writing is superb!

  3. Penny

    Necessary: warmth
    Urgent: Fixing the heat.

    Basic needs are a priority.

  4. Lucy Darlington


    Produced by Saturn and Jupiter
    reviewed by Moi:

    A cosmic bust
    In the celestial dusk
    Fans gathered in droves
    Frozen fingers and toes
    And a bank of clouds
    that simply never rose

  5. Ellie H Wilson

    Merry Christmas to you

  6. Cindy

    Thank you for giving so much to us! You make me a better person.

  7. Penny

    WOW. I have been turning words and thoughts over and over again in my head trying to figure out how to write the message that is surfacing for me.
    It probably won’t end up sounding very prophetic. I certainly have a tendency to jumble things up a bit before the final product emerges. So, bear with me as I share my train of thought.

    Space produces peace.

    Space is found in the exhale.

    This all relates to the practice of connecting to ourselves and to others. Perhaps in a magical way….
    I was introduced to Tonglen meditation while attending an all day retreat with a friend. Tara Brach led the retreat and offered nuggets of wisdom through humor, meditation and storytelling.
    However, the practice of Tonglen still stands clear in my mind. Tonglen which is Tibetan for “giving and taking” is a meditation for developing love and compassion. The practice can transform our own thoughts from being self centered, deluded, and destructive to being loving, compassionate, and beneficial toward others (and ourselves).
    The practice is normally performed in sync with our breathing pattern. It can be summarized as such; Imagine a family member, friend, someone you care about, or maybe even a population of people who are experiencing something difficult, resulting in suffering. Inhaling, we would take in that suffering, feeling what it might feel like to be that person or persons. On the exhale we would send our healing vibes of peace, happiness, and positive energy. Imagine taking away the other persons suffering with this offering.
    By creating this loving kindness practice with the breath we are able to create this space to care for others and in turn, ourselves.
    I think this sounds pretty magical!

    If you are interested in the experience of Tonglen, try this link.

  8. Lucy

    I love what you are doing here with the intensity of a thousand suns. As brilliant and as warming and as generative as those suns would be, so is your offering.

  9. Penny

    The Peace of Wild Things
    by Wendell Berry

    When despair for the world grows in me
    and I wake in the night at the least sound
    in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,
    I go and lie down where the wood drake
    rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
    I come into the peace of wild things
    who do not tax their lives with forethought
    of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
    And I feel above me the day-blind stars
    waiting with their light. For a time
    I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

  10. Ellie

    Life is figuroutable. Just got to know when to start to figure it out.
    Everything has an answer, ya just got to find it and learn by it.

  11. Laura

    The single biggest factor for cultivating resilience is positive relationships.

  12. Laura

    Nice photo of the California state flower – Poppies!!!

    Get some sun on your face everyday!

  13. Penny

    12/10/20 – Choose

    That particular incident sounds like a great example of the power of belief.
    Believing that circumstances are a certain way, whether they are or not can impact the way we choose to interact with the world around us. If we believe that our destiny is doomed then we tend to react in a terms of defensiveness. If we believe that something wonderful is about to happen then we allow ourselves to see and engage in the beauty of life unfolding.
    YES, it’s a choice!

    DB’s quote reminds me of the story of the two wolves:

  14. Lucy

    – to meme from her lulubelle

    Band of sisters we belong
    for each other we hold strong
    our dear sister she is gone
    let us sing of her swan song

    Band of sisters by my side
    gather round me my sweet guides
    there’s a tempest roiling high
    that would pull me down to die

    Band of sisters cherish me
    bring me perfect morning tea
    spinach quiche now if you please
    and a cig to bring me ease

    Band of sisters hide your fears
    and please douse those spilling tears
    you must be my stalwart peers
    ‘gainst this beast that stalks me here

    Band of sisters hold me tight
    as I sit up in the night
    terror claws without respite
    as I grasp what’s left of life

    Band of sisters you’ve been swell
    sorry that it’s been such hell
    now it’s time to bid fare well
    hear the sound of my death knell

    Band of sisters it’s good-bye
    sweetest babies don’t you cry
    it’s been years since I could fly
    now there’s only open sky

    My tribute to my sister who died last week after a 4 month battle.

    • Penny

      What a beautifully written tribute to your sister. Your words personify the strong bond of sisterhood and the power it brings to our lives. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

  15. Ellie

    I Liked Penny’s quote from 12/7.

    • Penny

      Thank you Ellie. I think sometimes quotes come as messengers, sometimes lurking in odd places, but never the less catching my attention.
      I’m glad you liked it!

  16. Penny Tilghman

    This quote crossed my path today. I think it ties into what you’re saying here, Louise.

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living
    someone else’s life.
    Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the result
    of other people’s thinking.
    Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.

    And, most important, have the courage
    to follow your heart and intuition.
    They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

    Everything else is secondary.
    Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”

    Steve Jobs, 2005, Commencement Address

  17. Laura

    Response to “Claim it” 12/7

    I am exactly who, what, and where I’m supposed to be at this moment and it is enough.

  18. Penny Tilghman

    Find Clarity in Depth

    Deep river, a rut ?
    Doesn’t depth produce beauty?
    Create awareness?

    Without awareness
    We only skim the surface
    What happens in depth?

    What does it feel like
    To be stuck, ineffective?
    WHERE do you feel it?

    Is there meaning there?
    What is the lesson to learn?
    Don’t climb out quickly.

    Look in the mirror
    Into the eyes of someone
    Close, and you will see

    Sometimes it’s muddied
    Clarity comes with patience
    “No mud, no lotus”

  19. Susan Coale

    Pause. Choose. For me. Not for an audience. How many choices I have made over the last many months based on other’s needs. That’s not a bad thing, as a leader at work, as the often stabilizing force at home. But when that is my “go to” way of choosing, I get lost. So, as I have read and pondered all week, I have chosen to use bits of time differently this weekend. What do I need, what do I want…

  20. Christine Bath-Zachery

    Louise, you’re funny. The practice is working. Your style is starting to flow through more. (That’s just the editor in me who cannot turn off, but I wanted you to know it makes a difference, this practice thing.) I made a promise to a weary volleyball team that I’d send them stories this year. This weekend, I’m cranking up another one. Practice. I always get into into the flow once I start, but why don’t I start more often? It’s like choosing to go swimming. You’re gonna get wet, it might be cold, and there is that “how do I look in my suit these days?” But once you get in, you could stay in for hours. I appreciate your morning messages along with my first cup of coffee…starts my day off right. Thank you.

  21. Lucy Darlington

    Intention, awareness, tolerance, and a kind of jolly uncle pleasure in my irregular trajectory, are supporting me in my endeavors this month. Physically, it’s as if a hand rests on my back, just above and in between my shoulder blades; gently guiding, without directing, like the most loving of teachers. When tension builds the hand does not falter or recede just because I am frothing around in flukey winds, it allows for all movement. It’s persistence outlives my distress and eventually I am soothed.

    At least for the last 4 days. : )

    • Laura

      Great visual! Thanks for sharing that

  22. Ellie

    I think ice cream for dinner can calm the soul after a very hard and frustrating day!

    • Louise

      4 Seas Black Raspberry 🙂

  23. Nancy Lewis

    I am certainly in a rut in many ways…autopilot to get what needs to be done done. Especially since last March. Loved being able to get away for a few days so I could step out of the everyday rut. I will try to see if I can start building another rut just for me. 🙂

  24. Cindy

    Thank you for the reminder. Especially during the holidays when things are more hectic than usual, I tend to turn on my auto-pilot. In doing that, it’s so easy to miss so

  25. Crystal

    I loved this and can very much relate to your story. It was only recently that I rediscovered the power of writing for myself. I realized it helped me clarify my main message because I didn’t need to “try” to explain anything and could speak freely, let the ideas flow.

  26. Penny Tilghman

    I pulled out my stack of Zen Cards, and found the word “Clarity”.

    This is what it said:

    ” Be clear in all things. As a calm pond reflects the full moon perfectly, let your actions reflect your speech, and your speech reflect your

  27. Penny Tilghman

    I think for me, December is going to be more about discipline. A practice that involves discipline digs deeply into the core of my own being. It’s reasons are unique and personal.

  28. Laura Stevens

    In December, for me, it’s about not doing somethings, one day at a time


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