I’ve worked as a fitness and health coach for over 20 years with the primary goal of helping my clients get as strong, agile, and capable as they need to be to live the life they want to live.  Fitness is freedom – and it’s for everyone.

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Personal Fitness

Dauntless is a small, private, personal training studio with a community of people all seeking their personal best – one workout at a time.

Massage & Bodywork

An effective tool for enhancing well-being, deepening your relationship with your body, optimizing performance, and healing.  


Change can be hard, but it’s always possible. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.  Reflect. Revise. Repeat. Are you ready? 

Let’s have a conversation about the possibilities.  Contact me.

“… my source of mental and physical well-being…”

Dr Patrick Murray

“… I never would have believed at my age I could do what I am doing…”

S. Slack

“… You help me achieve more and live better. … “

Joyce K.

“… helped me develop great physical and mental strength… “

Penny T.

“… our strength flexibility and balance are greatly improved and we’re able to live the active lifestyle that so many of our peers have lost.

Becky & Verg Gipson

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Go outside.

Go outside.

We spent the afternoon at a county park last weekend. It was cold, and a bit breezy, and the sky was cloudless and that amazing blue we wish we could turn into a paint color.  There weren't many people there. Perhaps the near-freezing temperature...

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"This makes for time spent not trying so much." - Scott Frank, screenwriter/novelistA big smile spread through my body as I read those words this morning. "Exactly," I thought. This is why I write, too! Scott Frank was asked to offer a writing...

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"I take it as an elemental truth of life that words matter."  - Krista Tippett  There's what we see. What we hear. What we experience, learn, and remember. What we resist, and what we embrace. We take it all - and create the story of our life....

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