Testimonials from my Clients

“Louise has changed our lives. After decades of chronic back pain for Verg and chronic neck pain for me, we are now nearly pain-free. In our twice-weekly sessions, Louise creates unique workouts based on what we need. Our strength, flexibility, and balance are greatly improved, and we are able to live the active lifestyle that so many of our peers have lost. It sounds trite, but Louise and the Dauntless team can truly add life to your years.”

Becky & Verg Gipson

OutstandingAmong a great field of personal trainers in our area, Louise stands out. I have trained with Louise for years. During that time, I changed. Louise embraced my changes by adopting age-appropriate challenges from high intensity training to routines focusing on strength training, movement, and mobility. It’s like she has a third eye: she can assess her clients as they walk through the door.  “How did you sleep?” “Let’s work on those hamstrings, you’re walking tight.”  “You look happy, let’s add some steps to your workout.” “Is work still getting you down? Let’s go for a walk.”  Louise helped me through lots of life’s challenges – tougher work demands, kids, dietary improvement, training for a 100-mile bike ride, grief, the highs and lows of retirement. An expert at reframing and providing fresh perspectives, Louise makes a difference in our struggles. She’s made a difference in mine.”

Don Davis

“Working with Louise has helped me develop great physical and mental strength, giving me the confidence to participate in some awesome experiences, including the 56-mile bike leg of the Savageman Half-Ironman. As a mentor Louise has taught me that more than anything else it’s about the choices we make. My choice has been to take life’s difficulties and use them as stepping stones. Taking challenges with a positive attitude has shown me a better place.”

Penny T.

“I NEEDED TO GET STRONG. By 50 I’d had 2 major back surgeries along with surgeries to repair arthritis damage in both wrists. I knew by the time I reached retirement a wheelchair was going to be in my future. That was not going to happen. I needed to get strong. I needed some help. Searching for a personal trainer was easy, Louise came highly recommended. Fast forward, I am now nearing 60 and not only am I not in a wheelchair but through my work with Louise I am the strongest I have ever been.”

Maureen H.

“We started as weekend warriors, to get strong and work out with a community. We felt fortunate to add two more workouts each week with Louise, who designed opportunities to fit our new environment. We work out with a fun, dedicated group. It’s a lifestyle we love, and it enables and inspires all of our other adventures.”

Kevin & Chris

“Over the years and even through aches and breaks, Louise has kept me active and strong. Thanks to her I enjoy an active retirement which includes scuba diving and volunteering on behalf of animals. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without Louise as my trainer.”

Sue Y.

Louise is a wonderful trainer and has made a difference in our lives.  Dave and I feel stronger and are doing more than we would have been able to do 10 years ago – traveling, hiking, golfing, and playing pool. I set a personal goal to benchpress my age on my 68th birthday.  Louise had me press 70 lbs two weeks before my birthday!  She is fabulous. We highly recommend her. (She’s also worked with us to eat a healthier diet!)”

Nancy and Dave Lewis

My exercise routine was just that – routine!  I was bored and I wasn’t getting the results I thought I should be getting.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and contacted Louise in 2009 it was one of the best decisions of my life! Working out with her has enhanced my life. My fitness level has greatly improved, resulting in increased energy, stamina and well-being. Louise motivates and challenges; the energy level is high and the workout is always enjoyable and fun. Louise always displays an upbeat positive attitude and takes an interest in you as a person. She’s the best!  As I have aged (about to turn 80!) I’ve improved my balance, flexibility and strength. I highly recommend her!

Bonnie Mulieri

“I worked with Louise for many years and it was an amazing period of personal growth. She is focused on helping her clients embrace change effectively and on owning their choices. If you’ve reached that point where you’re ready to make a change, to overcome obstacles, to think, eat, or act differently then get ready; she’ll help you move.”

Dr. Leigh Clayton

“I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Not an easy thing to hear at my relatively young age of 50. I asked the doctor for 6 months to lower my blood sugar by changing my lifestyle. I realized Louise could help me. We worked together on a food and exercise plan. She asked me tough questions that made me examine my life. My results are completely mind blowing! I’ve lost 70 lbs, 50 in, and my blood sugar is completely acceptable. My doctor was floored! Louise has patiently, gently, and with a wealth of knowledge helped me come this far. My goal is to LIVE!”

Ann McGowan, ASID

“Louise has been my massage therapist for 18 years and has been my source of mental and physical well-being. My hour with her every few weeks is my time of complete relaxation, a time to forget the long hours of work and commute, and repair of the physical stresses of work and play. She is the very best!”

Dr. Patrick Murray

“I sought help from a professional because I didn’t know where to start. I wanted to get healthier and wasn’t sure how to go about it. Louise listens and believes that you can accomplish anything if you work at it. I think that Louise loves seeing the positive change that comes with hard work. I think – no, I know she is very proud of her clients.”

Stan K.

“I committed to myself that I was going to get fit. My life has been impacted in so many positive ways by my commitment. I feel very fortunate and honored to have found Louise. She pushes you to your next level and helps you reach YOUR fitness goals. Louise is the trainer for you if you have an open mind and believe that you can, however large or small the change.”

Dr Patricia Rohman

“How I describe Louise? Motivational, appropriately challenging, current in techniques and information, and positive and encouraging to achieve appropriate goals. I know that I can get a great, challenging (but not impossible) workout. You almost intuitively know how far to push so that we can succeed. You help me achieve more and live better.

Joyce K.

“You have my utmost respect. You have helped me so much and I am so much further along than I was a year ago. I never would have believed at my age I could do what I am doing. I really look forward to my workouts to push myself harder than the week before. ”

S. Slack

“Louise teaches, supports and guides her clients towards increased strength and overall improvement in health. She has incredible knowledge about body mechanics and is able to modify each workout to meet my needs. The individual attention and supportive environment have led me to stick to the program and actually look forward to working out. A first for me!”

Dara A

“Louise’s focus is on overall health and personal growth. She creates programs suited to meet the needs and goals of the individual and provide lots of tools and encouragement along the way .”
Susan C.

“My husband and I have experience with the larger gyms and wanted a more personal approach. Louise has been wonderful; professional, patient and sincerely interested in our personal goals for fitness. I highly recommend.”
Anne H.