I’m glad you’re here.

I’m pretty camera shy, but here’s one of my favorite pictures of me (with my amazing husband), on a chilly beach in my favorite place, Iceland. Never been? Not many have. That’s why we love it. If you like to explore, and take pictures, you should go. It’s amazing.

I’m one of the lucky people who loves what they do. I’ve worked as a fitness and health coach for over 20 years, with the primary goal of helping my clients get as strong, agile, and capable as they need to be to live the life they want to live.  Fitness is freedom – and it’s for everyone.

I also have a background in coaching, which helps me help my clients identify limiting beliefs (as in “I can’t do that”) and whole-heartedly challenge those assumptions.  Be curious. Explore your potential. Trust the process.

That’s why this is not only my favorite quote, but words I live by:

“I know of no more encouraging fact than of the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.”    Henry David Thoreau

I’ve worked in the field of health and fitness for over twenty years but I actually got my start when I was a teenager. My big sister was a health nut and she showed me the connection between food and well-being. She prompted me to overhaul my diet of egg sandwiches and diet soda and the result was transformational. I learned a very simple equation and its inverse:  eat well = feel good. Eat poorly = feel badly. Or more bluntly; garbage in = garbage out. Time tested; decades later the premise holds. 

I discovered massage therapy during my college years when I was suffering from chronic headaches. This too was transformational. I developed an even deeper appreciation for my body and how to listen to it and care for it. My headaches disappeared. Years later, I chose massage and bodywork as a profession; our loss of connection with the body we live in has dire consequences for both daily life and long-term health. I work with my clients to reverse that state and empower them to take control.

In my 40s I was given a gym membership as a gift, and the timing was perfect. I was struggling through a tremendously difficult time in my life, and I discovered exercise was the medicine I needed to help me recover. Once again a big light came on: the more I moved, the better I felt.

Movement is essential to life and vitality. In our culture increasingly committed to ease and convenience, lack of movement is the source of many of our chronic aches and pains, in our bodies, minds, and spirit. Movement is medicine.

I’ve experienced some significant challenges in my life. Along the way I’ve learned that what you believe, how you think, how you move and what you eat all directly affect the quality of our daily life on so many levels, as well as our longer-term health outcomes.  We have incredible control over the experience of our life.

Self-discovery leads to lasting change. Growth can be challenging, change can be scary, truth can be hard. But it is so worth the effort.

Be curious. Challenge your assumptions. Move your body often. Eat nourishing food. Get out in nature. Practice kindness, compassion, and gratitude.

The poet Mary Oliver: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Whatever that is, make it a conscious endeavor.


“Louise has been my massage therapist for 18 years and has been my source of mental and physical well-being. My hour with her every few weeks is my time of complete relaxation, a time to forget the long hours of work and commute, and repair of the physical stresses of work and play. She is the very best!”

– Dr. Patrick Murray


You have my utmost respect. You have helped me so much and I am so much further along than I was a year ago. I never would have believed at my age I could do what I am doing. I really look forward to my workouts to push myself harder than the week before.

– S. Slack


How I describe Louise? Motivational, appropriately challenging, current in techniques and information, and positive and encouraging to achieve appropriate goals. Your messages are clear and consistent. I know that I can get a great, challenging (but not impossible) workout. You almost intuitively know how far to push so that we can succeed. You help me achieve more and live better.

– Joyce K.


Working with Louise has helped me develop great physical and mental strength, giving me the confidence to participate in some awesome experiences, including the 56-mile bike leg of the Savageman Half-Ironman. As a mentor Louise has taught me that more than anything else it’s about the choices we make. My choice has been to take life’s difficulties and use them as stepping stones.  Taking challenges with a positive attitude has shown me a better place. 


I worked with Louise for many years and it was an amazing period of personal growth. She is focused on helping her clients embrace change effectively and on owning their choices. If you’ve reached that point where you’re ready to make a change, to overcome obstacles, to think, eat, or act differently then get ready; she’ll help you move. 

– Dr. Leigh Clayton


I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Not an easy thing to hear at my relatively young age of 50. I asked the doctor for 6 months to lower my blood sugar by changing my lifestyle. I realized Louise could help me. We worked together on a food and exercise plan. She asked me tough questions that made me examine my life. My results are completely mind blowing! I’ve lost 70 lbs, 50 in, and my blood sugar is completely acceptable. My doctor was floored! Louise has patiently, gently, and with a wealth of knowledge helped me come this far. My goal is to LIVE! 

– Ann McGowan, ASID


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