Could you pick a single word – one to apply to yourself and your life right now?

Words have tremendous power; shaping our thoughts, our body, our actions, our relationships. The words that make up our thoughts determine how we treat ourselves and how we treat others.

A word can motivate, inspire, soothe. A word can ground us, organize us, provide clarity, and direction.

A word can help us make decisions; “what would ______ do?”, and remind us from where we came, what we’d like to embody, or what we’d like to move towards. A word can help us bring out the best in ourselves.

No small things, these words.

Our word can change, as life evolves.  Compassion, Strength, Trust, Forgivenesss, and Yes have all served me well.

Now, my word is Grace.  First and foremost it reminds me of a beloved mentor, who epitomizes the word and who taught me “life is wonderful the moment you say that it is.”

Grace reminds me to lead with compassion – for myself and others. It reminds me that there is value in all of my life experience, from the worst to the best and that there is no failure – only learning.  Grace evokes peace, and trust, and self confidence.

No small thing, a word.

What’s your word?