Let’s keep it simple: we’re made of the same biological stuff as everything else in our known world. We’re part of nature, and nature aligns with the cycle of seasons.

Spring is the season that nature uses to wake up and grow.  Maybe you’ve felt a little different since the days started getting longer and warmer? And urge to do something more, or different? (Besides go to Home Depot and buy mulch and pretty potted plants and vegetable starts?) That’s the nature in you. Why not focus that innate, natural drive on something of your choosing?

Last year I ran a Spring Forward program aimed at helping us deal with our new “lockdown”.  This year – thought we could use our Spring energy for something else.

If you’d like to come along, subscribe here and I’ll add you to a mail group just for that.

Starting Monday April 5th and for 4 weeks, I’ll send out a few emails per week (shooting for 5 – but life is busy.)  This year I’ve partnered with Karen Uthus, and she’ll be providing some of her insights (and recipes!) for Spring health. Karen has a MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. (She and her husband also work out at Dauntless with DB.) Between the two of us, we’ve got some ideas and inspiration for this new season.

You could tap into your spring and  use this 30 days to:

  • Do something healthy
  • Try something new
  • Quit something
  • Set aside time for something
  • anything else you’ve been wanting to do. Keep it simple.

This isn’t a “30 Day Challenge”.  It’s more like 30 days of opportunity. 

That said, if you’re inclined, I’ve started using this cool app called STREAKS.  (Sorry – iOS only darn it.)  It’s super easy, totally customizable, and it won’t drive you crazy. Nice if you like to check off the box everyday to track something. (And, you may not want to break your streak…)

Whether you join us or not, go outside. Your nature’s calling. 😉