We spent the afternoon at a county park last weekend. It was cold, and a bit breezy, and the sky was cloudless and that amazing blue we wish we could turn into a paint color. 

There weren’t many people there. Perhaps the near-freezing temperature kept them away. We layered up and barely noticed the chill. 

It was, as we knew it would be, the perfect prescription. We got our dose of sun, fresh air, different scenery, and the natural, instinctive prompt to inhale deeply and exhale fully.  There is something so profoundly therapeutic about the nature outside our doors. 

We are all craving something right now. An escape. A vacation. A change of scenery. A chance to decompress. Totally understandable. Why wouldn’t we after the year we’ve had? 

This weekend was a reminder that the escape we seek need not be elaborate or extensive. While the days of travel and vacationing freely and without reservation will return, for now, that feeling of escape can be found right here. 

Go outside.