“I take it as an elemental truth of life that words matter.”

 – Krista Tippett


There’s what we see. What we hear. What we experience, learn, and remember. What we resist, and what we embrace.

We take it all – and create the story of our life. We package it all up into a narrative that we tell ourselves, tell others, live into, and use to inform everything that lies ahead.

Here’s a challenge:

Distill your story of 2020 into three (3) words.

One word to represent the history.

One word to represent right now.

One word to represent how you intend to live in the days ahead.

One word of reflection, one of presence, one of intention.

Play with this for a bit. When it feels right, write it down. Three words.

Put it somewhere you’ll see it often.

If you’d like, share it in the comments below.

There are lots of good words to apply to a new year besides Happy. Watch what happens when you make them yours.

Your new year; Be well. Stay well. Help others.