Life is wonderful the moment you say that it is. 

Those words were offered by a mentor, a teacher, a practitioner – a woman of such wisdom, knowledge, and skill that merely thinking of her is treatment in itself. Her presence is like no other. 

She spoke these words years ago, during one of my earliest interactions with her. With a beautiful smile on her face, softly, her delivery was an invitation, with the sparkle in her eye suggesting excitement at the possibilities. It was a moment I will never, ever forget, and an invitation impossible to decline. 

I have written pages about her and my time with her, full of wonder and awe.  And I always come back to those words. It was the perfect offering at the perfect time, it seems, hence the deep and powerful impression among all the memories. 

And every time I come back to the moment she offered this, I am reminded of the largeness of reality, all aspects forever co-existing. The perspective that is always there right next to the others, and the power I have with my choice.

I never really forget; I just get diverted. Wonder-ful is the view I always want to return to because I know it to be true, and in that truth, I find peace and freedom.

Life is wonderful  – because I say that it is.