There’s a movement I use with my clients that I call Favorites.  I use it because it’s fundamental – demanding attention, coordination, motor control. I call it Favorites because it’s effective and efficient. Done well, it gets a lot done. I like that.

Fundamental – like nourishing food, sound sleep, meaningful relationships, curiosity. Each of these has an effect deep and wide. Each relates to and influences all the others.  

So done well, each gets a lot done.

Also fundamental; time spent in nature.  For your body, your mind, and your spirit it’s the equivalent of going back to the source. A refueling, of sorts. This doesn’t require a road trip. Just a doorway.

Fall mornings are another Favorite. Cool, crisp, lots of color. Back deck. Great cup of coffee. Birds. Just enough breeze to make the leaves rustle and fall, not enough to require a third layer for warmth. Immersed in it – it’s fundamental. Relaxing. Soothing. Nourishing. Restorative. Clarifying. Fortifying. 

Your Favorites?