It started with a decision to work in the field of massage therapy and bodywork. Curious about how it had helped me while in college, I wanted to know more and show people how things change when they deepen their relationship with their bodies.  That relationship gives one a sense of control of their life experience.

Not long after that, while a practicing therapist, I was using a gifted gym membership to help me through a tough post-partum depression. I’m not really a gym person, which may be hard to believe since I’ve worked in one for 20 years and owned one for the last seven. But, a gym is just another place to move oneself, and I know that movement (call it exercise, if you want) heals and/or strengthens body, mind, and spirit. Fitness builds confidence, serves as a respite, and can be a source of joy. And that relationship gives one a sense of control of their life experience.

As we spent the early months of this year living a dramatically altered life, I spent time seeking the silver lining. At some point, it landed; for me, writing is much like both bodywork and movement. When I write, there is an effect on me. Every time. Things just – shift.

Calming. Grounding. Organizing. Writing helps me sort things out. Get clear, or at least get some of the chaos out of my head. It’s a chance to practice something I feel good at. And, there’s something deeper there  – the way the act of writing calls to me…

I also realized that I enjoyed it more when I decided it didn’t matter whether I was good at it, whether what I wrote was of any quality. Like working on my fitness, or receiving or providing bodywork, writing is a form of expression that makes me feel good. And this relationship gives me a sense of control of my life experience. 

And that’s why I’m doing this No Rules program. It’s not about writing, or painting, or creating a thing. It is about finding, declaring and expressing your personal form of creativity, and using it as a way to feel good. This is why I think it matters so much. I hear so often from people how life feels like days full of routines, tasks, and responsibilities. These days, more than ever filled with uncertainty, having a sense of control over something can be huge for our spirit.

Come along for the exploration. We start Monday, Oct. 19. Four weeks, Monday-Friday email prompts. No requirements. No Rules. (Won’t that be nice?)