Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

After the shock and chaos of this Spring, and in the midst of all the uncertainty – I found myself with a new kind of time. Hours, every day, where I had nowhere to be, no one to see. Nothing to plan, nothing to prepare for. My work schedule dramatically reduced (and my kids grown), I suddenly had a lot of time/space.

To make a long story short, I took advantage of this in an entirely new way.  I mean sure – early on I did some Netflix binge-watching like millions of others. But more importantly, I spent a lot more time not doing what I’d always done. (work too much)

This was a tremendous gift I gave myself. I had some profound insights and made some really important, life-altering choices. And, I am clear that those things arose not from calculations, applying the advice of others, or pressured decision making. They arose from within.

I love to ponder things, reflect, make connections. This often leads to what I call, for myself, a sense of grace. A space where I can find peace and self-compassion. Direction and desire. Most of this time I also write. Just, because I like to. 

We spend so much of our days wrapped in routines and tied to tasks. Last week I wrote  What’s Missing?, where I pondered whether that tired, exhausted feeling we sometimes experience is actually a symptom of lack  – a lack of time spent doing something, purely for the sake of doing it.

I know lots of people I would describe as creative. I’ve never thought of myself as creative, barely able to draw a straight line or keep a garden bed looking like anything more than weeds. But, I go a little easier on myself when I consider what creative also means: expressive, inventive, imaginative, original.  I like that last word best. To me, that means from within. All you. 

That was the silver lining for me in this crazy summer. I read a lot. I pondered a lot. And I wrote. A lot. And nothing else mattered when I did it. I freed myself from the outcome and just hung out with the process. And when I did that, so much good stuff happened.  It was time by my own design. No rules. No expectations.

I did a “30 days of emails” program back in April and had a lot of wonderful feedback. (Thanks – I’m really glad you enjoyed it.) Recently, I’ve had requests for another. 

So, here it is:  No Rules.

About a month of emails (weekdays only this time) that are designed simply as a spark. Nothing more, nothing less.  Maybe it fires something up, maybe not. Do with each one as it suits you.

I’m not guiding anything.  There’s no recording of activities. This is not another program about stopping something, doing something for 30 days and hoping it sticks, or anything else like that. It’s just…a seed of an idea in your inbox each morning.

Maybe you’ll apply it to an existing creative process, use it to spark a latent one, or even explore something new.

Why did I choose this? Because taking the pressure off of myself to accomplish something, do something “right”, not make a “mistake” –  resulted in great stuff.  It was more than just “me time”. Turns out – it’s what was truly lacking.  I want to share the possibility.

This is space for me, and in it I am offering space for you to join me. Let’s go.