Have you ever had one of those days where the pile-up of the previous days has left you wanting to just escape to somewhere, anywhere? I bet you have.

I found myself on Southwest’s website one day this week looking for something very specific. The criteria: temperature suitable for a single layer (long-sleeved ok), easterly facing view so I could see the sunrise, easy airport transfers, and open kitchen to eat what/when/if I wanted. I even had a budget in my mind of what I was willing to pay for this little escape.

I spent some time looking around but Southwest didn’t show me anything worth clicking. I checked another site. Nothing. At that point I had responsibilities to get back to and the search ended.

I laughed about my impulsive search with a client later in the day, but the feeling was still there. At home that night I was tempted to resume my search. I recalled my criteria, this time using slightly different terms and, as might be expected since the passing of time tends to shift things, with a different emotional energy.

The bottom line was I wanted a chair, unlimited (good) coffee, a good book, and no schedule. And a sunrise. I love to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee in hand, and nowhere to be.

Truth is I have that every morning.

And the deeper truth; it’s about the peacefulness I experience in those moments. The peacefulness that arises in the time I’ve intentionally put aside, every morning, just for myself. That’s what I was seeking. Peace. In my mind and my body.

I might think it’s about the sunrise. Or the coffee. Or maybe the book. Truth is, what I really wanted in that moment was the feeling.

Thankfully, I don’t need to go anywhere to get what I want. That place resides within me. But if I want, or think I need, a setting to help me create it – I’ve got great coffee in my kitchen and books within reach. And the sun rises everywhere.