Talking with DD this morning. He wants me to write. I want to write. But I’m not.

We talked about the space between. That space between where we are and where we want to be. That space between what we’re currently doing, and what we want to be doing.  And how challenging it can be to bridge that space.  Or at least, how challenging we think it is.

We tend to fill that space with words; narratives, stories, reasoning, excuses, motivations, inspirations, procrastinations. All in the mind and of the mind. And all these ruminations keep us rooted exactly where we are. Only action truly changes anything.

“Just do it”, says Nike. Perhaps the most brilliant marketing slogan ever.

Don’t get me wrong; mindset is important. “Get your mind right” and “attitude is everything” are good slogans too. But you can have a great mindset…and yet never act.

“Just write” he said. I responded with something about the space. Some excuse.

“What do you want me to write about?”  I asked.

“Breathing”, he responded.  (We’d recently had conversations about mindfulness, awareness, and breath to manage stress.) He added how taking a deep breath had frequently bridged the space between saying something he’d regret and saying exactly what he wanted to say.  The breath was the bridge.

Well – I wrote about breathing not long ago.  So instead I’m writing this. About the space between. And bridges.

What’s between where you are and where you want to be? No more thought/talk. Just do it. Take a step. Build the bridge. Nothing else will get you there.

Thanks, DD.  Bridge construction has officially begun.


* Photo from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, when he begins construction on his bridge.