I had a conversation with a massage client after her session this morning. We’ve worked together for years but I haven’t seen her for massage in a while. She’s been traveling a lot to tend to family and care for others. She lamented how the outward focus pulls her away from her self and the simple things that make her feel her best. We all do it.

She commented about the effect massage has on her, saying it makes it easier for her to do her regular strength routine. I asked her to dig a little deeper into that thought and we quickly arrived at something a bit more specific: while an hour on the massage table does make her feel better right away, it also puts her back in touch with her body and deepens her connection and appreciation for it. This moves her to take better care of herself in general, starting back into the simple routines she knows work best for her.

We can try discipline and willpower to keep repeating those things we label as healthy. Or, we can know ourselves well and act on something deeper. It sounds like “I want to do this”, versus “I have to do this”.

How do you care for yourself, and what moves you to do it?