“I’ve got too much to do.”

How often do you think this? Often enough that it feels like it defines your present life?

To live with this thought is to be constantly telling ourself that we may never be finished. We may deny ourselves true rest, thanks to our obsession with productivity and the idea (and cultural messaging) that our worth depends on what we produce. Worse, we often fail to give ourselves credit for what’s already created, accomplished, and finished.

Chronically skipping this step and remaining continually focused on what needs to be done is risky. Your subconscious mind is hearing only the message to keep pushing. And our thoughts…become our actions.

Here’s where I ask you to be curious, and open-minded.

Where in your body is that message showing up?

Your thoughts have a physical reality in your body. (Proof: how does your body feel when you’re angry? How does it feel when you’re joyful?) A repetitive thought acts upon your body much like a repetitive motion does. When it’s negative: it strains. Stresses. Drains. Until the body is empty – “I’m exhausted”.  Or broken – “I can’t move”.

What is strained in you now?

And how can you help yourself?