“If not now, when?”  is a question I’ve had on the banner on my website for years. So when it showed up as the subject of an email in my mailbox this morning, I resisted the urge to delete it. (I’ve been mass deleting many of my subscription emails as an act of self-preservation for the last week of the election campaign.)

Where do you show up in this list? (Here’s the email, in its entirety.  Link at end)

“If not now, when?”

Care a little more.

Show up.

Embrace possibility.

Tell the truth.

Dive deeper.

Seek the truth behind the story.

Ask the difficult question.

Lend a hand.

Dance with fear.

Play the long game.

Say ‘no’ to hate.

Look for opportunities, especially when it seems like there aren’t any left.

Risk a bigger dream.

Take care of the little guy.

Offer a personal insight.

Build something magical.

Keep your promises.

Do work that matters.

Expect more.

Sign your work.

Be generous for no reason.

Give the benefit of the doubt.

Develop empathy.

Make your mom proud.

Take responsibility.

Give credit.

Play by a better set of rules.

Choose your customers.

Choose your reputation.

Choose your future.

Thank the ref.

Reward patience.



Because we can.

It really is up to us. Which is great, because we’re capable of changing everything if we choose.

All we can do is all we can do, but maybe, all we can do is enough.

-Seth Godin, If not now, when?