Photo by Faye Williamsen

Sunrise at OC, Faye Williamsen

Overwhelm. Indecision. Exhaustion – emotional and spiritual.  That’s what sat before me yesterday, desperate for something different. Thinking that ordering an entire life was the solution with an external force to ensure accountability, the idea of starting simply with a slight change seemed an absurd idea.

But there’s freedom in that idea. The freedom coming from acceptance that an entire life need not be ordered all at once. Freedom from the paralysis, the burden of knowing, and the heaviness of thinking there is no relief in sight.

The slight change we decided on: the alarm is set for 6am (as it has always been). Feet hit the ground (no more snooze button). Wander around in the peace and quiet and slowly, gently let her mind and body wake up via blood flow, oxygen, and rising awareness of the day ahead (opposed to snoozing then racing maniacally to get out the door).   Most importantly: set an intention for the day.

This intention will serve as a guidepost. An anchor for her spirit, a rudder for her thinking.  It bumps her out of the rut of autopilot, puts the reins in her hands. Design your mood or live as a victim. It’s choosing the path less traveled, and can’t that make all the difference?