“Applaud or forgive and move on. No hanging around.”

Those words came flowing out of Jan during Sunday morning yoga.  I wondered if she had seen me out of the corner of her eye. She spoke them after I had just barely taken my hand off the ground to attempt a balancing pose and then put it right back down, grinning as I fell over. She knows about my balance poses. They elude me, as most things requiring balance always have. (Yes, literally and figuratively.)

Not having balance in yoga is amusing to me and that’s the extent of it.  And yet her words resonated. I can think of a few things I’ve been wrangling with. I’m not gaining anything with this spin. Certainly not peace or clarity. And while I’m wrangling, what am I missing?

How much mental and emotional energy do we spend revisiting history? And considering the human bias towards the negative, what’s the effect on our mood, and maybe our interactions with others?

Applaud or forgive and move on. Done is done. When I apply that to my own mental gymnastics, I feel lighter.  My mindset shifts to now, and I feel open to what’s next.

Applaud or forgive and move on. Done is done. I trust the lesson will show up, eventually. Otherwise; the present moment is where it’s at. And we all know time won’t wait for us.