“Helping, fixing, and serving represent three different ways of seeing life.  When you help, you see life as weak.  When you fix, you see life as broken.  When you serve, you see life as whole.  Fixing and helping may be the work of the ego, [but] service the work of the soul.” 

I love this quote. Sent to me by someone who sees life holistically and definitely does the work of the soul, it resonates with me because service – while it may seem like an odd choice of words – is truly what working in the “giving” professions feels like.

Working with someone who sees you not as broken, or weak, but merely as imperfect as we all are, is a joy.  The endeavor then becomes one of healing, or growth (another ambiguous word), or even simply a life of exploration of possibilities, perhaps fueled by curiosity.

Sunday morning yoga with Jan was exactly that. A fun exploration of possibilities. What was possible with my body, after a month devoted to peace and healing? And Jan is the perfect one to serve up an hour of fun, provocative, easy, generous exploring.

Jan serves from her soul. She practices yoga and offers it to others as a way into a deeper relationship with yourself  – mind and body. In her presence nothing is broken. Nothing is weak. Everything is…perfect.

And we leave feeling invigorated. Calm. Grateful. Smiling. And more curious than ever.

Thank you, Jan. For serving as you do. You are a gift to all of us.