“Even sunshine burns if you get too much.”

Those words floated into my mind in the midst of a yoga class. I went in with the intention of simply lengthening myself out. I’ve been living with back spasms lately and saw this as a chance to focus on my body beyond the 10 minute stretch I do every day.

That initial child’s pose felt great. Then things started to – what’s that word – flow.  I’m familiar with flow – as a concept and a feeling, in mind and body. But this had a very different feel.

I heard down dog. I heard ground. I heard tree. I heard warrior. And then; something about heart and lift and open all in the same sentence – and out it all started to pour. My cup runneth over.

The last two years have been a personal whirlwind of raising young adults and navigating their transitions, opening and growing a new business, participating in a challenging, transformative apprenticeship, all while remaining committed to a growing number of clients – people all seeking a healthier, more positive path for themselves and collaborating with me through that process. Life is good. Very good. And very, very full.

Your cup is overflowing, Louise, my body signaled loud and clear in that yoga class. And into my mind popped a line from a poem my mother gave me sometime in my early twenties: “…even sunshine burns if you get too much”.

Years of too much good. Too much pushing. Too much intensity. Too many hours. Too much worry (in the name of love). Too much drive. Too much curiosity. Too much excitement. Too much possibility. Too much productivity. All in my mind, and all residing in my body as one thing: too much. But  – it’s all so good, right? How can so much good be anything but…good?  Because even sunshine burns if you get too much.

Namaste. And thanks Mom.