I listened to a profile of Rush (remember them?!) drummer Neil Peart on the radio this morning.  I don’t know much about drumming, but apparently this guy is a drummer for the generations.  His is a great story.  Anyway, he said something that stuck with me. He said:

“I remember hearing Eric Clapton say that after he heard Jimi Hendrix play he only wanted to come home and smash his guitars.  I never understood that.  Hearing someone play like that only made me want to come home and practice more.”

If not from these words alone, within the context of the entire interview it was clear this is a man focused not on being the best drummer ever, but on exploring his own potential.  It is not a competition, it is a curiosity and an appreciation.  There is no goal or end point; he is dedicated to a lifetime of exploration.  Witnessing excellence inspired him to explore his own.

Who in your life inspires you to explore your own excellence? How much energy do you spend comparing yourself to others or focused on an end point?

Take 5 minutes and imagine Peart’s perspective for yourself, in any context.  See in your mind’s eye how it might change things for you.

Especially if you made a promise with a number in it this week.