What if you started to treat each day, as it came before you and not a moment sooner, as your own personal blank canvas?

What if instead of your paint by numbers day – the same routine, the same practices, the same attitudes, the same mindset – you made just slightly different choices.

To listen more deeply.

To see more expansively.

To judge less harshly.

This would mean releasing past patterns.  Questioning the “shoulds” in your head.  Digging a little deeper to know yourself a little better.  Creating space in your head for new to arise. Opening your mind and your heart to possibilities.

This is the season of change, or so we are led to believe. The artificial Start line that our culture embraces helps only a few but a short time later serves as a marker of some definition of failure for the vast majority.  We don’t change because the calendar tells us to. We change when we’re ready to. When our heart and mind align with the idea that there is a different way that will serve us better, and we see it in our minds eye and we feel it in our body and we are pulled towards it. That: is the source of lasting, gratifying, genuine change.

Every moment of our life is a moment of change.  Life as change.  Engagement. Adaptation. Resiliency, Fluidity. Creativity.  And it will only happen in a way that truly serves you if you are open to it and willing to engage your creativity in order to create new grooves, create a new beat to step to.  Doesn’t matter the day, or the month, or the year.

The beautiful, profound, infinite, frightening, freeing power of choice.  You can paint your days by the numbers: mindlessly putting the prescribed color in the defined space. Or you can stand before your day as a blank canvas, envision what you’d like to create, let it sink in and feel it deeply, then reach for a brush.