First of all: you’d be a smartphone. No doubt in my mind.

Thanks to AT for sending along a train of thought yesterday. It went like this:

“When our smartphone gets low on power, we run to the nearest outlet to recharge. But if we get low on energy, we reach for coffee instead of taking care of ourselves properly. Why do our smartphones get better treatment? Treat yourself like you treat your smartphone: protect, maintain, and most importantly: recharge.”

Love these insights. Darn good question, right?

I was at a workshop last weekend learning from a pioneer in the field of acupuncture and integrative medicine. We spent the weekend deepening our understanding of how disengaged we have become from our senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing. We are quite literally de-humanizing ourselves. And we carry a digital brain to organize us, think for us, remind us, tell us what to eat, tell us to walk more, play games with us, etc.  Wow.

AT’s thoughts reminded me of a conversation I had with the leader of the workshop.  We were talking about how difficult it is, for women in particular, to invest in the challenging task of changing their habits. Women will change for someone else’s sake, or change out of the fear of a perceived future, before they will change for their own sake. “I’ll do it for my kids”, or “I’ll do this so I won’t end up like my ______” is far more often the reason behind an (often short-lived) motivation to change.  For those who start out doing it for themselves, keeping that priority can be very challenging.  We’re not talking about self-indulgence here. This is about basic self-care, boundary setting, limits.

What about because, quite simply, you are worth it?

And if you’re doubting that idea right now, whose place is it to tell you that you’re not?

We plug in our phone nightly. How often do you personally, authentically recharge so that you are operating at 100% potential? Do you even know what that looks like for yourself? We upgrade our phone every two years. What if you upgraded your habits, to a newer version that served you better? At a minimum, start treating yourself like your smartphone.

Thanks AT.  Miss you.  🙂