Love this thing I read today. Meryl Streep writing about the things she no longer has patience for.  

I hear her saying this; life is too short to waste our time.  I get that “too short” means something different to everyone, especially across generations.  I’m sure I think about this more now as a 50-something than my teenage daughter does.  

And, “waste” will mean different things to different people. My daughter thinks I waste my time re-using freezer bags.  (I don’t have patience for our throw-away culture.) But back to the basic premise about evaluating how we spend our time every day, the things we react and respond to, and the choices we make that impact ourselves, others, and the world at large. 

Meryl is done with trying to please those who don’t like her. Done with hypocrisy and dishonesty. Done with gossip and comparisons.  Good for her.  I’m on board with all of that. Now I’m inspired to review and expand my own list. 

I have conversations every day with people who want to change their habits. Their body and spirit are suffering to some degree.  But actually changing our habits is hard, despite all the talk about how different we want to be.  It’s a human thing. 

I get asked a lot how I do it. Not that I’m perfect, far from it actually, but I stay in the game pretty consistently. What I hear them asking me is how I stay motivated when faced with change that is hard, or more specifically; how do I keep choosing healthy, when it is so easy to choose otherwise?

And now I know why Meryl’s writing resonated with me. Because my answer to that question is about patience. After living a large chunk of my life under a dense, heavy fog of depression, I fought and clawed my way out.  These days, I have no patience for anything that hints of from where I have come.  I don’t exercise, eat well, insist on sleep and stay curious to hedge a bet on longevity.  I do it because life is short; and I have no patience for not feeling well.

What do you no longer have patience for? What would your life be like without that thing?