The work I do involves a lot of motivation.  Trying to motivate dozens of people every day, each with different interests, characters, backgrounds, preconceptions, misconceptions, attitudes, moods…can be pretty challenging.  Ultimately motivation is an inside job.  I’m just part of someone’s support architecture.

I do it for myself by surrounding myself with things that motivate me;  objects, quotes, images, people, books, race entries, healthy food, sunlight.  I choose the lens through which I view my world each day.  Even when surrounded by all things motivational; I still must act.  

Think of a bonfire on the beach or a campfire in the woods, that reaches higher and burns brighter when fanned by a supporting wind.  You too will reach higher and burn brighter when you’re surrounded by your own personal support architecture. 

Who are the people, what are the images, where are the objects that help you rise up to your best life?  What fans your flames?