* This was originally posted to the Circle Time Forum on 4/22/13.  


As I was running the last mile to a finish line yesterday, I started to cry.

I was overwhelmed.  With gratitude.  My feet were sore. My legs were tired. I was almost out of energy.  But I wanted time to stand still.  I did not want the moments to end.  I couldn’t get enough of it all.  I didn’t want that finish line to get any closer – I wanted to keep on running. 

I was grateful for so many things; the race that I really enjoy, the beautiful morning, the amazing friend I was running with, the crowds cheering for the strangers running by.  

And, I was grateful for my body. Actually, I was loving my body.  I was asking a lot of it.  I had just covered 10 miles and I had not prepared well for it.  I wasn’t at all nervous going into the race.  I figured I would just walk a lot, enjoy the route, the day, the company, the energy.   I trusted (expected?) that my body would cover the distance. 

I realized on that last mile that I had run far more than I thought I would,  and now I was running even faster.  And I was loving every step.

Much of my work is spent with women trying to change something about themselves physically.  They overlook their beauty, their spirit, their intelligence, their gifts and focus on what they perceive as flaws.  We all do it.   I see the wrinkle.  The spider veins.  Aging skin.  Greying hair.  Migraines.  Hot flashes.  Disappearing eyebrows.  Flat feet.  I get annoyed when my body gets hungry.  I skimp on sleep.  

And yet, I trust (expect?) that I will be able to run 10 miles with minimal preparation.  

Yesterday as the gratitude was overflowing, I was loving my body.  Because despite all the flaws I might be able to find, my body does so much for me every day.  And every now and then, it gives me more than I have a right to expect.  

I’m going to hold that thought.  Act on it.  Nurture.  Support.  

Loving my body exactly as it is. Celebrating what it does every day; that which allows me to experience, appreciate, enjoy, love.  See, taste, hear, touch, explore.  Run. Celebrate. 

Take a day and see no flaws.  Treat your body as a most precious possession.   

What happens?