Patience. Trust. Compassion. Rest. Love. Solitude. Space. Time. Nourishment. Company. Recognition. Respect.  Challenge. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Mindfulness. Choice. or What?

If that question is hard to answer, maybe it’s the wrong question:

Do you even know what you need?

Or do you know, but you’re not sure how to give it to yourself? (Or maybe you’re waiting for someone else to give it to you? Good luck with that.)

Or are you capable, but withholding because your inner dictator is telling you the stick works better than the carrot?

Or worse, are you just blindly expecting yourself to do it all, with little consideration at all for your own needs? 

These questions cut to the core of an issue: self care. Some people roll their eyes at this topic, but I think we owe it to ourselves to explore it.  What it is, what it’s not, how to receive it (from ourselves), why we often don’t take it when it’s available to us, even as we know we need it.  And, why we frequently dismiss ourselves, denying that we need anything at all. 

To me, a mani/pedi falls into the category of grooming. Self care is taking a day off when I’m sick, and feeling no guilt about it.  Self care is being patient when I’m frustrated.  Self care is slowing down when I need to, despite the long list of stuff to do.

Are you capable of giving yourself what you need?

We’ll be having a conversation about self care on the Circle Time Forum, starting with a conference call on Tuesday April 2 @ 1:00 EST.  We’ll be diving into all these questions and more.  Join us?