This thought stopped me in my tracks this morning.  

After a 3 day headache I woke this morning feeling very anxious. My weekend was gone. I had been in pain for days so had “gotten nothing done”.  That was the narrative in my head.  

I let it run the first hour of my morning. Then I saw this while browsing Tumblr.  (Fave avoidance behavior.) 


Entertaining the thought “I am enough” – even for just a moment – gave me pause. Slapped me, actually. (I love it when the universe sends me messages like this.)

Time for some “thought work”.  That’s a term I use to describe the process of challenging the thoughts that are running through my mind. A truth check. A opportunity to choose.  I taught a class on thought work to the Circle Time Forum last week. Here was a great chance to practice what I preach. 

For me, the thought “I got nothing done” was terrible. A painful thought.  My mind is perpetually working. Always at something. Rarely still. I struggle with allowing myself much stillness, because I make it mean I’m not getting anything done, which for me can be excruciating. How could my day -my mood, my outlook – possibly be positive while running this narrative?

So to feel better, I needed to change my thoughts. 

“I am enough”.  

Hmm.  So, without having done much of anything last weekend; I am enough.  Right now. Even with a dirty house, undone laundry, unwritten thank you notes,  a messy desk, unread magazines, lingering Christmas decorations, an uncelebrated anniversary, a stack of paperwork.  

Truth? Those un-dones are busywork.  And I am so much more than that. They will get done when they get done. 

Also true: I did get something done. I rested. I took care of myself. I listened to my body. I cooked healthy food. I slept.  All good. 

How often have you told yourself you’re not enough? Fill in the blank:

“I’m not ______  enough.”   Thin. Strong. Disciplined. Rich. Pretty. Smart. Creative.  What price do you pay for believing those thoughts?  

Now try the alternative thought. If you’re scared of complacency, think again.  If you start with the thought “I am enough”, then your future actions can be based on desire, not guilt, or shame, or comparison.  Way better things spring from desire. 

The power of thought work as a tool is undeniable. It will shape your mind. Your being. It will shape your day. And the days of your life.  

Try it.  Go ahead: make your own day.