Here we go again.  New Year.  Or just another day.  It’s all about perspective, of course. 

Is anything going to be different this year for you? Do you have a plan?  A list? Goals? 

I ask one thing:  STOP making promises to yourself that you can’t keep.  Just stop.  This is far more damaging to your spirit and future success at anything than not reaching whatever the goal is.  

Try something different this year.  I tried this last year:  This Year Will Be Different.  Huge. Positive.  All kinds of good stuff came from it. Repeating it this year.  

I’m in the business of helping people change.  Because change is hard and usually takes teamwork .  How you go about it will be uniquely you, but there are a few steps you can take to improve your odds.  Let’s try this:

If by the end of 2013 you could change one thing in your life what would it be?   

Now, can you identify some concrete, completely do-able steps to get there?

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? We’ve all been here. Kickin’ off the year with a whole bunch of determination, commitment, and sizzle and then February rolls around.  Yep. Been there. 

Stop. Just stop.  Consider a different approach. 

If you’re that rare bird who can fly solo and make things happen for yourself then rock on and have a great year.  But if you’re like the rest of us out here, you’ll need a few things to keep you moving along.  

1. Your base.  This is where your top 5 reside. These people recognize your potential. They believe in you. They cheer you on. They love you. Respect you.  They realize you need not do or be anything different because you are already absolutely wonderful. 

2. Confidants.    You can talk about your dreams, aspirations, frustrations, hopes…and feel totally safe. Here you can be wrong, question yourself, throw temper tantrums when your human-ness shows up.  You can be 100% you around them. 

3.  Role models.  Yes – just like when we were little. They show you the possibilities. You see it in action.  You read about them, learn from them.  A little inspiration from an external source never hurt anyone. 

4.  Trusted sources.  Deliverers of info. New knowledge (because we don’t really know it all.) Practical help or ideas delivered via books or blogs, facebook or twitter.  Doesn’t matter.  They keep you open and listening, and help with course correction. 

5. Clarity.  Know your objective. And know yourself.  And know that honesty – especially when it comes to yourself – is key.  You simply can’t make yourself into something that you are not meant to be.  

Sound reasonable? Pretty powerful stuff, really.  Simple to identify. Easy to use. Proven to work. 

There’s a lot of this already going on at the Circle Time Forum.  I created this last year as a private space for forward-thinking women (sorry, guys) wanting to create the life they want. We’re headed into 2013 with passion, commitment, and the support we know we’ll need.   Check us out. You’ve got nothing to lose. 

If your objective is to make some moves towards the health and fitness you’ve been longing for, maybe I can help.  Let’s talk strategy. 

Regardless of what you’re movings towards and how you go about it, make it a great year. 

And keep your promises.