My Mother was a pretty amazing woman.  

Smart. Brave. Curious. Wise. Stubborn. Independent. Cynical, but open-minded. 

She didn’t get a big dose of the mothering gene.  A nurturer she was not.  But she always had my back.  I always knew  she was there for me. I just rarely asked.  We weren’t close when I was growing up, but I couldn’t have been closer  to her as I held her hand when her life ended.   At that moment she was the most courageous person I had ever known.  She still is. 

I am fortunate to have others who have mothered me.  And still do. One has been with me from the very beginning.  


and another came as a package deal with my husband.  (Lucky me.)


It seems to me that nurturing is natural for them.  They do it easily and do it well.  They’ve been patient over the years as I learned how to receive. I’m still learning.  

Being a good Mother is a real challenge.  I try my very hardest to be the best Mom I can be. Most days I feel like I fall short.  Like I’m the wrong girl for the job.  But I’m pretty sure my kids know how much I love them. And how hard I’m trying.  That I’m doing the best I know how. Just like my Mom did for me.

While she didn’t have the “nurturing gene” to pass on to me, she did pass on a few things. I have her stubbornness.  And her curiosity.  I’ve been brave.  And independent.  And I’m pretty smart, too.  I’m trying to match her courage.  Parenting seems to summon it. 

Thanks Mom.  Happy Mothers Day.  I really miss you. 

Ann Alcott Lummus 

February 9, 1924 – June 11, 2002