A client came to a session last week with a fresh perspective. 


She’s done messing around. 

Done with making up excuses.

Done with half-hearted attempts.

Done with labeling each day as success or failure. 

And more importantly; done with seeing “get healthy” as something on her TO DO List that never seemed to get done.   

The whole thing felt bad.  It’s not like me to be half-hearted, she thought. 



So she asked herself: Am I in or am I out? 

She decided:  I’m in. 


Here’s what this means to her:

My health is my responsibility and I accept that responsibility.

My health is important and I won’t feel guilty making time for it. 

My health deserves space every day: sometimes it will get lots of space, sometimes just a little.  (Life can get chaotic, you know?)

In order to get healthy, I need to act healthy.  And if I act that way most of the time, I’ll get there. 

And I need not be perfect.  Which is to say, there’s room for chocolate chip cookies, mashed potatoes, and a day of blowing off the gym and reading in the sun.



Hey wait a minute; doesn’t that sound perfect? 


I’m in. 


p.s.   I’ve never seen her so peaceful.  It was beautiful.