A friend/client/co-coach that does amazing things did just such a thing recently.  He ran the Marine Corps Marathon.  


Lots of people run marathons, I know.  But this guy did it after losing more than half his body weight, building more strength than he’d ever had in his life, running a 5k, then 10k, then 1/2 marathon then did a triathlon.   The marathon is on his way towards the ultimate 50th birthday celebration: completing an Ironman triathlon.  I love this guy.


He wrote about his marathon experience and shared it with his tribe. With honesty and emotion he detailed the struggle of pushing oneself to run 26.2 miles.  It was a tear-jerker.  (yep – I cried.) 


One part in particular really struck me.  He was near the end of his race.  He had stepped in a pothole and twisted his ankle. He was in pain. He was walking and just wanting it to be done.  He saw a lone spectator standing on the side of the road holding a sign:

“The day will come when you can’t do this. Today is not that day.”


That was the thought he needed at that moment. He ran across the finish line. 


The day will come when we can no longer do what we dream of, long for, work for.  Or even what we do daily and take for granted.  And none of us have any idea when that day will be.


So what are you waiting for?  Today is the day.  Live it for all it’s worth.