Ever been stuck in a rut?

Doing the same things day after day, after day.  Thinking the same thoughts.  Going through the motions.

You feel kinda tired.  Blah.  Unmotivated.  Bored.  Frustrated. Restless. Tense. All kinds of words under the heading of Unhappy.

And to kick ourselves while we’re down (and what’s up with this, right?) we start thinking we have to change everything in order to feel better.  And it will take so loooong.  And be so haaaard.

So I found myself in such a place recently.  One of these ruts.

I took my own advice: Just Start. No more questions. No more thinking. Just action. Just one little move to start it off.

Workout clothes.  Running shoes. Grabbed Fizzle (woof).  iPod.  Out the door. 6:30am. Muggy. Icky. Even Fizzle was questioning the idea.

My iPod picked up where it had left off at the end of my last workout; a little more than halfway through my playlist.  Because my workouts have been cut short recently. Work. Kids. Summer schedules. You know; life. So I don’t make it to the end of my playlist.

This morning was different. The bottom of the playlist was awesome. I hadn’t heard those songs in a while, but they are on there for a reason.  They motivate me. Make me feel powerful. This morning they were fresh and new,  but also familiar and empowering.  They reminded me that ruts are created when we lose touch with the bottom half of our life playlist; when we spend too much time on the top half, over and over again.

When was the last time you did something that you used to do but haven’t done in a while?  Something that you really enjoyed? Something that brought you predictable relief from whatever?

We are what we do daily.  For better or for worse.

So mix it up.   Go to the bottom of your PLAY list and have some fun.

Because nothing bumps you out of a rut like a fresh perspective.