I’ve worked as a fitness and health coach for over 20 years with the primary goal of helping my clients get as strong, agile, and capable as they need to be to live the life they want to live.  Fitness is freedom – and it’s for everyone.

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Personal Fitness

Dauntless is a small, private, personal training studio with a community of people all seeking their personal best – one workout at a time.

Massage & Bodywork

An effective tool for enhancing well-being, deepening your relationship with your body, optimizing performance, and healing.  


Change can be hard, but it’s always possible. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.  Reflect. Revise. Repeat. Are you ready? 

Let’s have a conversation about the possibilities.  Contact me.

“… my source of mental and physical well-being…”

Dr Patrick Murray

“… I never would have believed at my age I could do what I am doing…”

S. Slack

“… You help me achieve more and live better. … “

Joyce K.

“… helped me develop great physical and mental strength… “

Penny T.

“… our strength flexibility and balance are greatly improved and we’re able to live the active lifestyle that so many of our peers have lost.

Becky & Verg Gipson

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Lead off 2024 with curiosity.

Lead off 2024 with curiosity.

There seems an almost natural inclination for the change in the calendar year to generate grand schemes to re-create ourselves. I recommend you ignore that idea, regardless of your current level of enthusiasm. Large-scale change is achievable,...

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We are what we repeatedly do.

We are what we repeatedly do.

Overheard this week during the warm-up for small group; "I wonder if doing a yoga intensive would help with my mobility." (Thanks for the blog fodder, KZ.) Short answer; nope. * (Unless it made you fall in love with "mobility work" and you rarely...

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At some point yesterday, you likely had a negative reaction to something. A comparably negative thought popped up in your mind, your mood shifted to something less pleasant, your body reacted with an elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure,...

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