Massage Therapy

I sought the help of a massage therapist while in college full-time and working full-time. I was experiencing terrible headaches, which made it hard to work, study, sleep, and live. The results were amazing. Headaches gone.

Through massage I learned how to relax myself, how to recognize where my body ached and why, and how to relieve it. Massage connected me with my body and my mind in a way that has deepened over the years and serves me well in all aspects of my health. I strive to give my clients the same experience.

I was trained in the art and science of Therapeutic Massage by dedicated instructors and practitioners at the Baltimore School of Massage. Since graduating in 2001 I’ve continued my education and studied the work of some of the leaders in the field of massage and bodywork. I am always learning; it makes me a better massage therapist and a happier person.

Massage is effective for so many people and so many reasons. For some it means stress relief, for others pain relief. Deep relaxation, pre-event prep, post-event soreness, post-operative and post-rehabilitative. I have studied orthopedic massage, myoskeletal massage, myofascial release, deep tissue,  sports massage, and of course Swedish. Most sessions are a blend of modalities, and all sessions are specific to your needs.

  • 30 min. session $45
  • 60 min. session $85
  • 90 min. session $130

“Louise has been my massage therapist for 8 years and has been my source of mental and physical well-being. My hour with her every few weeks is my time of complete relaxation, a time to forget the long hours of work and daily commute into Washington, and repair of the physical stresses of work and play. She is the very best!”

Dr. P. Murray

“Louise’s skilled hands have brought me much-needed relief from chronic pain. While she is attentive to where I am experiencing the pain, she consistently works to alleviate my discomfort at its source (which is not always where I feel the pain) which is far more effective. Her personal training expertise enables her to fine tune recommendations for physical exercise to support and expand the effects of massage. Her holistic orientation and insight into human nature are invaluable in helping me to balance body, mind and spirit.”