Achieving a level of fitness beyond just making it through the day enriches your life immeasurably

It sets you free.

Your body is designed to move.  And you need strength and mobility so that you can handle whatever comes your way.  Fit in a gym is fun; fit for life is golden.

START by assessing your current reality. Define what you want. Honestly assess your willingness to make changes.  LEARN what you need to do to achieve the health and fitness you desire, safely and effectively.  EXPLORE your options. Find what you like.  Make it work in your current reality or create the reality you need to make it work. (Yes: you have that power.)  ACT. “We are what we repeatedly do.” Want great fitness and health? Then you have to practice it. Done regularly, this becomes a way of life, not simply a box to be checked. It is simpler than you think.

Training with me is more than a workout. I offer:

  • Baseline strength and flexibility assessment, measurements, and health history.
  • Evaluation of current exercise program, and help with setting a realistic goal
  • Program design specific to your goals and your availability
  • Nutritional guidance and support (and I do not sell products)
  • On-going coaching, education and email support for questions and clarifications
  • Program evolution and progression.

Fit For Life.

60 minute private sessions dedicated to your personal goals. We will cover it all: strength, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, flexibility, diet, mindset.  This is more than just a workout: this is a path to the best health and fitness you’ve ever achieved.

4/60 minute sessions – $300

The Express Train

This focused program is a workout for your body and your life. You move to build strength and vitality. You eat to nourish your body and attain/maintain a healthy weight and body composition. You build habits that stick when you’re in the right mindset. It all works together – any approach fails if any one piece is missing.

We’ll move so you feel great – not exhausted. We’ll talk real food; what, how much, and when. We’ll design simple changes to implement into your daily life that will yield huge results.  And throughout all you’ll have on-going email support (M-F).  Gain control and feel great.

You don’t need an hour in the gym every day to get results. Effective, efficient workouts designed for your body, your current level of fitness and your goals will maximize your results while minimizing your time spent. This approach offers consistency, variety, and progression.

$320/month (8/30min sessions).  3-month commitment.

Small Group Personal Training

Mondays & Wednesdays, 9am & 6pm. (60 mins)

Strength, mobility, cardiovascular conditioning – we cover it all with an emphasis on form. This is not a group exercise class; your specific needs will be met to address your current level of fitness. You, working your program, in a group setting. I limit the number of participants to ensure individualized attention.  New clients require an initial assessment.

$20/session.  Sessions purchased in packages and used as your schedule permits.  8 session minimum.

“You think lifting weights is scary? Being weak is scary.”Mark Rippetoe
“We don’t quit playing because we grow old. We grow old because we quit playing.”Oliver Wendell Holmes